She was was the mother of Russian President Vladimir Putin

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Hermes Replica I have found using peppermint oil to be soothing and relaxing. Ok I hear you talking. So how exactly do I use peppermint oil?. Vladimir Putin lost own brother in war torn city as he is blamed for killing hundreds of Syrian childrenPutin’s brother was killed 70 years ago in the siege of Leningrad in scenes similar to those seen in Aleppo00:04, 9 OCT 2016Updated00:10, 9 OCT 2016Vladimir Putin with his parents Maria and Vladimir Putin (Image: Hulton Archive) Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailBound to a stretcher as aid workers carried her emaciated body from a crumbling building a desperate mother wailed in agony at the loss of her young son.Minutes from death herself, her own child had died from disease and starvation after months under siege in the city they called home.But the woman whose husband had already been badly injured by the incessant fighting was not a victim of Syria’s devastated capital.She was was the mother of Russian President Vladimir Putin.Her tragedy happened 70 years ago when the Siege of Leningrad claimed the lives of 800,000 Russians during the Second World War.Haunting pictures of Aleppo show how stunning the historic city was before it was torn apart by bombsThe parallels between the scenes in the destroyed Soviet capital between 1941 1944 and those in Aleppo today are chilling.But disturbingly, the one man in the western world who has the power to put an end to the devastating siege lost his own brother in almost identical scenes.Water and power was cut off and disease was rife as a blockade by Nazi Germany kept essential food and medical supplies out of the Russian city.His malnourished brother had no hope of survival after he contracted diptheria.Vladimir Putin is killing hundreds of innocent Syrian children but how does world stop him?Now in a horrific repetition of history, Putin’s refusal to dissolve his alliance with Syrian President Bashar Al Assad is subjecting thousands to the same devastation which also almost claimed the life of his own mother.It’s clear to see why Putin keeps his own family history shrouded in mystery but in a rare article written for Russian magazine in 2008 he gave a chilling insight into the tales of violence he grew up with and that doubtless left him numb to the suffering he is now inflicting, perhaps because he insists his family never blamed the enemy.In the essay he wrote for Russkiy Pioner magazine, he told how his father had six brothers and five of them died in the war. Some of his mother’s relatives were also killed in the conflict.But at the same time, he emphasized that his parents had no hatred for the German soldiers responsible for the family tragedies a sentiment he expects to be afforded by the Syrian population today.”How can anyone hate those soldiers? They were ordinary people and they also died in battle. They are laborers, just like us Hermes Replica.