He remained in Los Angeles front office as the club built a

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Replica Bags Last Saturday night LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) celebrated its 50th anniversary with a big party and exhibition. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail, but they did invite me to come by on Monday morning to see the exhibition, entitled “50 For 50” which opened to the pubic this week and will run there (5905 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90036) until Sept. 13th of this year. The museum’s CEO/Director Michael Govan told me that they had raised $5 million at the weekend party attended by 750 museum supporters, some of which will go toward the creation of the bold new building they are planning designed by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. He said they had embarked on an ambitious program to acquire new art to augment their collection, and that they had received roughly $200 million worth of new art as “anniversary gifts” on top of the $500 million worth of art recently pledged by a friend of the museum, the irrepressible Jerry Perenchio. (He has been a buddy and subscriber to my restaurant newsletter for over 20 years. editor Replica Bags.