For instance, funny stories are great

canada goose outlet canada goose outlet cheap canada goose 2. Mix up the elements. Variety can keep your audience engaged. For instance, funny stories are great. But a half hour of nothing but zany tales can actually undermine your point. Pelting people with factoids for 40 minutes is usually a mistake. But removing them altogether is also an error. Mix it up. Audiences are so accustomed to predictable speeches that surprise can be your ally. Indeed, one of my favorite speech models doesn’t even have words. It’s Haydn’s Surprise Symphony (No. 94 in G Major). It engages the listener by offering variety and surprise within an established structure.

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canada goose clearance Veracruz, which is also plagued by drug cartel violence, is among the worst states in a country that is one of the most dangerous in the world for journalists. According to some counts, 88 journalists have been killed in Mexico since 2000 (tallies vary because different organizations use different criteria). Seven journalists have been killed so far this year, and five were killed in 2014 canada goose clearance.