The almost thirty years of waging war with chemo have only

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cheap Canada Goose Okay, if the answer is to insure proper sell suicide, so other healthy cells can generate, how do we insure that our body is doing just that. Ah, zat is ze trick! And there are two schools of thought here. One is the traditional cancer treatment that really began back in 1971 when President Nixon budgeted 100 million dollars to find a cure for cancer. The big pharmaceutical companies got most of the cash and so chemotherapy got the boost that was needed to start the war on cancer. And what does chemo do? Well it’s a drug that basically tries to stop dividing cancer cells from multiplying. The problem is that in destroying these sick cells, healthy ones are also killed. The almost thirty years of waging war with chemo have only lead to an increase in the disease. Congress stated years back that unless things changed that cancer will become the largest killer in the nation. Well, in 2005 the American Cancer Society announced that cancer had overtaken heart disease as the number one killer of adults under age thirty five cheap Canada Goose.