He was a bridge builder and also built railways for a living

I love to drive, and I always have. In fact, other than in a shuttle bus or a taxi, I am seldom a passenger. I probably got this from my Dad he always loved to drive too. And, because driving is a skill that becomes subconscious for most of us, I typically drive on auto pilot.

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canada goose clearance George W. Ferris built the first Ferris wheel in eighteen ninety three in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was a bridge builder and also built railways for a living. He understood that the wheel needed to be constructed from structural steel. Ferris was asked to build the wheel for the World’s Fair in Chicago that year. The organizers wanted something that would rival the Eiffel Tower in design and effect. The finished article was regarded in awe and wonderment and it consisted of a wheel with over two hundred and fifty feet of diameter. This was supported by two one hundred and forty foot towers connected by a forty five foot axle. The Ferris wheel was such a success that it made over seven hundred thousand dollars during its time at the World’s Fair canada goose clearance.