Further, during the recovery phase (off ADT), improvements in

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Cheap Jerseys from china As such, reduced physical function and general health have also been reported in men on ADT compared to non ADT treated men and healthy matched controls.30 For example, Spry et al.31 reported results from a large longitudinal, multicenter study examining the dynamic change in quality of life and testosterone in men initiating an intermittent maximal androgen blockade program. ADT lead to a significant reduction in health related quality of life during the initial 9 months of therapy with substantial changes occurring by 3 months. Further, during the recovery phase (off ADT), improvements in quality of life occurred in a more gradual manner and were of smaller magnitude than the changes observed during the ADT phase.Bioavailable testosterone has been positively associated with cognitive function in older men.32 Further, the hypogonadal condition has been associated with an increased incidence of depressive illness.33 Despite the limited number of controlled studies examining the effects of testosterone suppression on depressive and cognitive function during ADT, a recent large population based study reported an increased incidence of depressive and cognitive disorders in ADT treated men, although the effects were diminished after adjustment for potential confounders.18Top of pageExercise interventions in prostate cancer patientsResistance exerciseA summary of the exercise interventions examining the effect of resistance or cardiovascular training in cancer patients undergoing treatment is shown in Table 2 Cheap Jerseys from china.