From Leitrim potatoes and shades of green to burren rock from

Often, these people are business owners, but they could also be a managing director, CFO or sales manager. The absence of these key persons can be the biggest single risk to the profitability and even the very existence of a business especially for SMEs where the relative impact will be much greater.PRUbiz beyond by Prudential is a specially designed proposition for SMEs. It provides tailored life insurance solutions that protect SMEs against the death, disability and critical illness of a key person by providing Keyman protection, Credit Risk protection and Business Continuity protection.Keyman coverage insures the business against the financial loss resulting from the premature death of a key executive.

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Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags Which painting of this medieval castle will be judged good enough to take a place in the Office of Public Work’s state art collection and go on display in Dublin Castle?EpisodesPainting the Nation, Episode 1 of 5, RT One, Sunday, September 24th at 6.30pmIn week one, based in the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin, the painters take on three challenges against the clock in a bid to impress the judges at this early stage of the competition.In the first challenge of the series, the seven have been asked to bring objects that tell the story of who they are and where they come from. The judges want them to paint a still life of the objects, on a canvas size of their choice with their own familiar materials, in just ninety minutes. From Leitrim potatoes and shades of green to burren rock from County Clare and tributes to Sligo’s Jack B Yeats, the painters are not only challenged to showcase their area and their personality, but most importantly impress the judges in this series’ first challenge.In challenge two, the judges want our painters to get technical. Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags

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