If we see a person running down a road in clothing obviously

When I was at college doing my NNEB, I worked really hard on a particular important aspect of the course. At the end of the course my college gave me a distinction for my portfolio, which was the highest grade achievable. I achieved this despite not doing that brilliantly in my GCSE’s, getting very ill with glandular fever for several months and despite my parents support being a little on the flaky side at times. Then came the news that the external verifier had asked for my work to be submitted to them for checking. My tutor called me to one side and explained that the college thought it best to downgrade my portfolio to a merit, in case the verifiers thought that the distinction award was too high for it. The risk was if the verifiers did downgrade it, they probably want to see everything I’d created for the last couple of years and there would then be a risk that some of the other work could be downgraded too.

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