Being the kid of the owner or the rich and famous

You might say, “But Keith, my parents didn’t own a Fortune 500 company.” Well, neither did mine. My parents were blue collar workers through and through. The trick is, I found that it’s possible to create your own nepotism. Here, I’ll explain. It’s about having three things. 1) Superior ACCESS to people in power, 2) The deepest CARE and concern from those people who can speed you to success, and then, and only then, 3) Sufficient SKILL., care, and skill that’s the recipe. The people in power need to know who you are and what you can do, or I guarantee they won’t think of you when handing out that next opportunity. Being the kid of the owner or the rich and famous automatically grants you that kind of recognition and gives you the access to power required for success. But you don’t necessarily have to be born with access. You can get it on your own.

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