He started to put sad faces on BBM so i ignored him but after

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Hermes Replica Bags Need to learn more about this conflict. The middle east is so complicated. There are so many opposing groups, and they fight on the home front. And he said u lost me before i lost you because u didn’t care. So i ignored him. He started to put sad faces on BBM so i ignored him but after a few days i said that he lost me forever because he was so disrespectful and im not gonna stay like this forever and i think he has a new girlfriend so i said many things and he started bringing up my old relations. MY PAST! and say that i didn’t care and i m not a good girlfriend and i wasn’t by his side (truth is i always have been by his side and never left him, spoiling him with love and sacrifices that i have done to him i don’t go anywhere because of him because he’s jealous and i don’t want him to feel alone so i go to uni and go home, i don’t even see my friends a lot because of him because i don’t wanna make him sad). So i didn’t reply to any of his talk. The next day i said i wanna give this relation a chance so i asked him a question : “Do u still love me, did u ever love me and will you always love me?” so he replied :” I got the answer but i won’t tell you” so i said ” I have to know so i can know how to deal with things from now on” he was like ” Deal with it the way you want, you already did enough” so i didn’t reply to him and didn’t talk to him after that that was 3 weeks ago Hermes Replica Bags.