The study says lowering the monthly payments would attract more

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canada goose clearance It suggests the utility could charge subscribers up to $150 per month on their bills to pay for it.That works out to 30 cents per kilowatt hour nearly triple NB Power’s current household rate but the study predicts 860 homes and businesses would still sign on over the next eight years, eventually generating about $1 million per year in profits for the utility.The study says lowering the monthly payments would attract more customers but that would eat into profits and NB Power will have to decide which is more important.”The choice of leasing rate is essential to encourage customer adoption and generate returns for NB Power,” the study says.The Dunsky report says widespread solar power adoption by tens of thousands of homes and businesses is inevitable in New Brunswick after 2025 no matter what NB Power does given expected improvements in solar technology and costs.That will harm NB Power’s finances as demand for the electricity it produces at its large generators falls but the report suggests the utility may be able to offset losses if it gets in on the solar transition early enough to head off potential competitors.In August Saint John Energy which already rents heat pumps to hundreds of NB Power customers announced it too is looking at the potential of leasing solar panels to the public.”I would say well within the five year time frame,” Saint John Energy CEO Ray Robinson said. canada goose clearance

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