And as for what they ate and drank (or in the case of a couple

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Fake Hermes Bags Legal highs lurking in your kitchen cupboard: These everyday household products are now classified as ‘psychoactive substances’Westminster has passed legislation that means several common household products are now classified as dangerous mind altering drugs which ‘shatter lives’14:47, 26 MAY 2016The government passed a law today that criminalises the sale and production of a range of household items if they are going to be used to produce an intoxicating effect.The Psychoactive Substance Act 2016 regulates the supply, production and importation of chemicals which are “capable of producing a psychoactive effect in a person who consumes” them.The legislation is designed to clamp down on the sale of “legal highs”, which have flooded the market in astonishing numbers in recent years.Read more: Legal highs Annihilation and Cherry Bombs leave three more ill after one user put in comaBut the sale and production of the following items is also illegal under certain circumstances, meaning that anyone who sells them could face a jail term of up to seven years:Solvent based glues Correction fluids and thinners Marker pens Any kind of aerosol Anti freeze Nail varnish or nail varnish remover nitrous oxide (laughing gas) Until now, the sale of these seemingly innocuous products was covered by the Intoxicating Substances (Supply) Act 1985 (ISSA), which relates to substances not covered by the UK’s main piece of drug legislation, the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.Previously, it was illegal to sell most of these products to young people. Now shop owners could face prosecution if they sell any of these items to ANYONE, if it appears likely they will be taken like a drug.The vague legislation states that retailers could be fined if they “knew the purpose of the sale” or if “they were reckless and did not take reasonable steps to satisfy themselves of the purpose”, according to government guidelines.Legally high Westminster’s new law was brought in to make sure criminals weren’t producing and selling drugs referred to as legal highs.Until now, legislators were involved in a game of whack a mole with drug producers, who simply produced a slightly different chemical every time one was banned.This time around, the legal highs law simply covers anything capable of “stimulating or depressing the person’s central nervous system [and affecting] the person’s mental functioning or emotional state”.Read more : Legal Highs users are 20 times more likely to experience severe episodes of psychosisKaren Bradley, Minister for Preventing Abuse, Exploitation and Crime, said: “Psychoactive substances shatter lives and we owe it to all those who have lost loved ones to do everything we can to eradicate this abhorrent trade.”This act will bring to an end the open sale on our high streets of these potentially harmful drugs and deliver new powers for law enforcement to tackle this issue at every level in communities, at our borders, on UK websites and in our prisons.”The message is clear so called ‘legal highs’ are not safe. This act will ban their sale and ensure unscrupulous traders who profit from them face up to 7 years in prison.”HolidaysIsland resort offers guests copious amounts of cocaine, free alcohol and ‘unlimited sex’ with prostitutesThe holidays are being promoted on an island off the coast of Cartagena in ColombiaWeddingsGroom’s revenge on ‘cheating’ bride as he plays video of her ‘infidelity’ in front of stunned wedding guestsThe couple’s loved ones were astonished when they saw the woman allegedly “behaving intimately” with another man in the footage, it is reportedDoctor WhoChanges to the new Dr Who series starring Jodie Whittaker revealed as show bosses plot “fresh and brilliant” revampIncoming show boss Chris Chibnall has also ordered a redesigned TARDIS and an updated sonic screwdriverPrince HarryWhy Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are happy to engage in public displays of affection but William and Kate don’tPrince Harry and his actress girlfriend delighted fans when they revealed their romance to the world at the Invictus GamesUK NewsDevastated British woman flew to Amsterdam to meet lover only to find out she was victim of cruel ‘pull a pig’ prankSophie Stevenson was left stranded at the airport after the man she thought she had a “proper romance” with heartlessly ignored her Fake Hermes Bags.