Most fear is created by our own minds and is nearly impossible

Whenever there’s a big, heavy, controversial world situation like the current Israel/Palestine conflict, you’ll see two types of posts on your social media feeds: respectful, informed opinions and inflammatory, 90 percent made up crap posted by teenagers and/or idiots. Since the second kind of posts get way more traction than the first kind, the official propaganda channels for both Israel and Palestine have embraced the online stupidity thus giving birth to the era of state sanctioned Facebook flame wars.

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Designer Replica Bags Key part to that scenario is “guaranteed success.” The fear factor is the number one reason why most individuals never even try to follow their passion or give up at the first sign of an obstacle or failure. Most fear is created by our own minds and is nearly impossible to overcome which leads us to our wonderful corporate career opportunities. Working for some big corporation who has absolutely no interest in any of its employees well being, just performance. Don’t get me wrong, our world needs employees and not everyone is cut out to be self employed even if they were guaranteed success. Keep in mind though, there will always be pressure to succeed either from yourself or from your management team even if you are employed. The primary difference is whether or not you have the drive and the courage to put your dreams on the line to make a go of it for yourself Designer Replica Bags.