But it’s not just the well known and highly advertised brands

Replica handbags Following a recent updated advertising campaign Chanel have introduced a new chic eau de toilette purse spray (37.50).Miss Dior (33.50/50ml edt) is another classic scent that has endured the passage of time. Created to accompany Christian Dior’s very first collection in 1947, it’s a luxuriously rich and utterly feminine fragrance infused with delicious tones of jasmine, rose and Neroli together with the warm green tones of oak and moss.But it’s not just the well known and highly advertised brands that are here to stay.The wonderfully floral Fleurissimo Millesime (39.50/30ml) which you can still buy today, is a hopelessly feminine fragrance that reminds the wearer of the romantic gesture made by a prince for his princess.Today Creed’s client list includes Prince Charles, Robbie Williams, Julia Roberts and Madonna.We asked perfume expert and UK distributor for Creed, Chris Hawksley what makes a classic fragrance and why some scents become classics while others fade into obscurity.Chris believes that famous fragrances such as Chanel No 5 stand the test of time because they were launched so many years ago their age gives them ‘classic’ status.As a result, the perfumes become instantly recognisable and evoke certain memories and moods we all know or have met someone who has worn them.’The Chanel fragrance is just one of many similar floral scents but because it’s old and is considered a classic, it manages to stand apart from the new arrivals’, says Hawksley.’Packaging can also make a lot of difference.

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