I suppose the main conclusion I’ve made

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Canada Goose online I’ve written about most quit smoking methods in my blogs and articles on this site and other sites. I’ve discussed the relative merits of quitting with and without aids, the use of nicotine replacement therapy and other drugs. I’ve looked at various therapies such as hypnosis and acupuncture. I suppose the main conclusion I’ve made, after all my research, is that whatever works for the individual smoker is fine. After all we are all different and while a particular quitting technique works for some it may not work for all. For me, nicotine replacement therapy worked. My main problem was the physical addiction to nicotine. Of course, every smoker is addicted to nicotine to some degree, but other factors may also be important to the individual smoker such as psychological addiction or other aspects of the smoking habit and therefore dealing solely with the physical addiction won’t do; a mixed strategy may work in these circumstances. A battery of techniques, each separate technique targeting a specific aspect of the smoking habit, may be necessary to finally break free from the deadly habit that is smoking. Chewing nicotine gum for 6 months was the only aid I needed. When the time came, and to my surprise, I found it relatively easy to relinquish the need for nicotine for good. Canada Goose online

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