16:053 minsminute by minuteFirmino turns Sanchez in the final

Yes there have been some bumps and bruises along the way, a few battle scars for sure. But I have deactivated many self defeating theories. I’m no longer waiting for Prince Charming to save me, to make my dreams come true, to solve the problems of my world.

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Hermes Belts Replica Tottenham 2 0 Liverpool live score and goal updates as Harry Kane and Son Heung min hand hosts advantageJurgen Klopp takes his men to Wembley to face an in form Spurs side follow all the action as it happensUpdated16:18, 22 OCT 201716:1010 minsminute by minuteWinks makes a neat turn in the final third and he slides the ball through for Kane, but the pass is just ahead of the forward in the box.16:108 minsminute by minuteLiverpool’s defending has been suspect at times under Klopp and it comes under question again as Lovren pushed far too high up the field. The Reds’ forward players need to dig their side out of an early hole.16:076 minsminute by minuteTottenham’s confidence will have found new levels now and the Reds now have to push back to get into the game.Harry Kane latches on to a Trippier clip over the top.Goes round the keeper and boom, 1 0.16:064 minsminute by minuteGOALLLLLLLLL!!!! KANE STRIKES! Tottenham are ahead and Kane strikes as he latches on to a ball over the top and rounds Mignolet, before firing into an empty net on his left foot. Gomez was a fraction too deep and played the England man onside and it allowed to break in behind and supply a composed finish to put Spurs in front.16:074 minsminute by minuteTrippier lifts the ball over the top for Kane and the forward makes no mistake.16:053 minsminute by minuteFirmino turns Sanchez in the final third and tries to release Salah down the right flank, but Aurier gets back to make the tackle and stop the attack. Hermes Belts Replica

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